Thinstall Virtualization Suite 3.3 Portable

* Portable, no installation needed. Thinstall 3.3 Virtualization Suite Thinstall is an Application Virtualization
* Platform that enables complex software to be delivered as self-contained EXE files which can run instantly
* with zero installation from any data source. The core of Thinstall VS is the Virtual Operating System, a
* small light-weight component which is embedded with each “Thinstalled” application.

* What's new in Thinstall 3.3
* Thinstall can now generate auto-registering .msi files during the build process
* Support for running multiple versions of Internet Explorer simultaneously
* Support for virtual drives, CD-ROMs, and removable disk
* Support for 16bit applicationsSupport for new applications such as Outlook 2007, AutoCAD 2008, and SQL
* Server
* Sandbox merge capability enabling application updates without repackaging
* Added ability to update applications while they are still running
* Added support for MSI installer service
* Added external COM-based management API
* Thinreg - an Application registration tool

* Key Features
* Single EXE runs from network or offline desktop
* Simple to use, package & deploy in minutes
* No infrastructure changes: deploy with existing systems
* Runs exclusively in User-mode, no device drivers
* Application streaming with no client or server required
* Windows Vista ready – instant migration
* Runs on Terminal Server and MetaFrame (32bit & 64bit)
* Isolation of Filesystem & registryeliminates conflicts
* Upgrade applications while they are still running
* Sandboxing protects machines against modifications
* Supports most Windows applications
* Supports Side-by-Side (SxS) DLL deployments
* Deploying applications is slow and painful
* Businesses require more and more applications operating together seamlessly and over time these systems
* have evolved into more complex and more fragile environments. The result is software deployments are
* increasingly expensive, support intensive, and time consuming. IT faces months of wasted time on
* multi-app regression testing, end-user support, and downtime caused by undiscovered application conflicts.
* Reliable and readily accessible software to date requires endless planning and a great deal of ongoing
* support. In fact according to Forrester Research companies spend on average more than $500/year per
* desktop managing applications.
* Thinstall Virtualization Suite simplifies the application deployment cycle by eliminating regression testing
* and solving integration problems. Thinstall ensures conflict free software deployments.
* System Requirements
* Thinstall supports Windows NT, 2k, XP, w2k3, Vista, Terminal Server, and Citrix MetaFrame with no
* dependencies or client to install.
* FILES : 1X12.5mb
* LANGUAGE: English
* FIX : Portable




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