Registry Booster Portable

Residual files, unused and undeleted drivers and corrupt or bad entries in registry settings will quickly litter even the newest of computers. The result? Frequent error messages, slow start-ups, declining and poor performance and registry integrity, unstable and frequent application errors and crashes, and, at times, even an inability to start Windows. Registry Booster is the safest and most trusted solution to clean and optimise your system, free it from registry errors and fragmented entries. Through Advanced Error Detection Technology, Registry Booster automatically identifies missing, corrupt, or invalid items in your Windows registry and dramatically enhance performance and general stability. Features: User Interface: Windows Familiar GUI System Tray Shortcut Automatic Registry Scan Shows Scan Progress System Overview and Recommendations Extensive Manual and Help Registry Scan: Scan History and Summary Advanced Error Detection Technology Automatic Removal Manual Removal Ignore List Detailed Error Descriptions ActiveX, OLE, COM Sections Scan Help Section Scan User Software Settings Scan System Software Settings Scan Shared DLLs Section Scan System Drivers Scan Invalid File Associations Scan Startup Section Scan Sound and App Events Scan Uninstall Section Scan Registry Defrag. History Automatic Registry Defrag Backup & Restore: Automatic Backup During Scan Backup History One-Click Registry Restore Settings: Launch Application at Start-Up Launch Scan at Start-Up Start in System Tray Confirm Backups Before Registry Scan


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