Yacib Portable Mp3 v1.3

Portable Mp3 it's a very useful software for those people who would like to store more music, on their mobile or any mp3 player. Portable Mp3 is resizing your mp3 files with little loss of quality. In this case you can copy more music on your mobile or any mp3 player and at the same time enjoy the good quality of the sound.


The software offer you two resizing modes + the channel mode option. Resizing modes: VBR mode and CBR mode.The recommanded option is the variable bitrate mode(VBR Mode). With the channel mode option, user can downgrade the channel mode from stereo, j-stereo to mono for saving more memory, but is not recommanded for the quality of sound.

Easy to use & friendly interface, drag & drop support. In four words, same memory, more music!

Portable Mp3 is using current version of Lame:, the quality of speed and sound of mp3 encoding

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