Portable eBook Edit Pro v3.3

Portable eBook Edit Pro v3.31 | 2.1MB

eBook Edit Pro is windows based software designed to help you easily create eBooks. eBook Edit Pro takes HTML pages and compiles them into a self-contained executable file.

What is eBook Edit Pro?
Simply put, eBook Edit Pro is software that takes HTML files and creates a single executable file that resembles a web-browser. Unlike HTML pages, your newly created eBook is secure when packed into this form. The software uses easy to navigate step-by-step tabs to guide you through the eBook generating process.

What kind of eBooks can I create?
Don't let the name "eBook" fool you. Virtually any type of digital product can be created. Here are some ideas to get you started:

* Novels
* Childrens Books
* Digital Catalogs
* User Manuals
* Tutorials
* How-to Guides
* Recipe eBook

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